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PRP in Bangalore

Advanced developments are being witnessed in the field of Cosmetic surgery these days. PRP therapy, also known as Platelet-rich plasma therapy is the newest addition. In this process, the patient’s own blood is taken and platelets separated for the process of Hair restoration and cosmetic treatment. Also known as the ‘Vampire Facelift’, a term coined by a reputed US surgeon Charles Runels, this treatment is being widely used by the cosmetic surgeons worldwide. Platelets rich plasma is obtained from the blood of the patient and used in the hair restoration process. It is a known fact that platelets play a vital role in the restoration of blood vessels and cells that are damaged. Platelets contain growth factors, which typically are useful in rejuvenation and activation of the cells in the body.

PRP in Bangalore


PRP in Bangalore

A small quantity of blood that is drawn from the patient is processed by spinning in a centrifuge at speeds that are already calculated in order to yield the optimum platelets concentration. Later on, extraction of the platelet rich plasma is done and re injected into the scalp areas where there is hair thinning and hair loss. As PRP is from the very own blood of the patient, there is no chance of an infection or any sort of allergic reaction. This treatment is used for hair thinning in early stages of Patterned hair loss. PRP actually has certain important growth factors which are essential for stimulation of natural hair growth. Being a perfectly natural approach, hair growth is improved. In order to achieve a better result, it can be used in conjunction with medications such as Minoxidil and Finesteride. Lately, this PRP technique is being widely used in the field of hair restoration. When PRP is applied in a subcutaneous manner, it can help in non surgical reversal of miniaturized hair follicles. As far as hair restoration surgery is concerned, PRP in Bangalore aids in reduction of the scarring in donor areas, inflammation reduction, augmenting poor donor regions and improvisation in the graft area for further survival. Globally, PRP is being used to stimulate the growth of the follicles of the hair. It is used for restoration of thinning hair. It is a simple and a non surgical process involving the use of multiple injections with a quick recovery period. The results are quite natural and the hair growth is naturally stimulated. Thus, this procedure results in the formation of collagen and also the production of newer cells by utilization of the body’s natural mechanism. PRP in Bangalore as a therapy is perfect for Hair restoration. However, when used in conjunction with other techniques like hair loss medicines and Hair transplantation, it promises better results.

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