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Bouncy and flowing Hair with Hair Transplant in India

It is essential to realize the importance of what hair can do to your personality. A lot of people feel that their confidence levels and ego are boosted by the appearance of their hair. A person quite often looks old or young depending on the amount of hair on his scalp. Moreover, the social status and several other factors also count, concerning the relationship between the hair and the self esteem of a person. Technology is making rapid strides today and Hair Transplantation in India is not lagging behind. Hair Transplant in Bangalore is the buzz word today and people are making a beeline for Hair Transplantation in Bangalore.


Hair Transplant in India
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Hair Transplant in India
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However, it must be noted that Hair Transplant in India must make the patient feel comfortable in the sense that, the new hair must have a natural look and feel. A perfect hair transplant for male pattern baldness,usually known as Androgenic alopecia can be done only under the expert supervision of a qualified cosmetic surgeon. A popular form of hair transplant, as seen in this video gaining fame in recent times, is the FUE Hair Transplant in India, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction, DHT, FUSE and by other names. This particular technique of Hair Transplantation involves the extraction of hair in the form of single units known as Follicular Units from the region of the donor areas with the help of a minute micro punch. Usually, there are no side effects involved in this form of transplant and the healing time is very fast with minimal scars or pain. It is completely stitch less and involves no incision as compared to the strip technique. It is also possible to maintain a hair cut which is trimmed short because it doesn’t show the tiny scars.The only factor to be considered is the price which is more when compared to the strip technique. When it comes to cost comparison with other advanced western countries, Hair Transplant is very cost effective as European countries charge almost 9 Euros per hair graft and in the USA it is around 11 dollars per graft. This means huge savings for travelers from abroad who gain on the cost factors without compromising on quality and expertise. Of course, there are several other reasons why one prefers to go for a Hair Transplant in Bangalore. Medication usually doesn’t solve the purpose in many cases. Wigs are cumbersome and difficult to manage. Moreover, it is easy to recognize a wig and there are problems such as hygiene and regular maintenance. The advantage of FUE hair transplantation is that the hair look natural and remains original amidst the natural hair. No special maintenance is required and hair can be cut, trimmed and dyed as well.

Hair Transplant in India
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At Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Bangalore, under the guidance of noted and highly experienced Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Madhukumar M G, the entire procedure can be sometimes done in less than a day and one can start shampooing the hair after a couple of days. No hospitalization is required and one can go home the same day.

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